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Paddypat Murphy noted

Good buffet. Do not stop on the front (or the back for that matter since it is the way you arrive and it is easy to make a mistake and to wait stupidly at the door for someone to come and open you... In vain since the entrance is on the other side!) A little filthy/old-fashioned which gives the impression that it is closed permanently (but that apparently is a constant in this kind of establishment I have only seen 2 in my life which looked good from the outside ...). Anyway, let's get down to business. Something else inside. Beautiful neat decor, it's clean, bright, friendly. Friendly welcome too. Immediately it makes you want. There's choice and variety, the quality is okay, we've seen better, but we've seen worse too. Good choice of suchis and desserts too (don't hesitate to ask for the whipped cream if it's not there, it's an oversight, we'll give it to you without any problem. spring, prawns, mussels ......) or dishes (pork with caramel, chicken skewers, beef, imperial chicken, lacquered duck breaded prawns/in spicy sauce, calamari/dry, fish, wok/grill). s destroyed the belly as always...

Maurice Arnaud noted


alain918 noted

buffet avec beaucoup choix ( entrées,plats,desserts) service très efficace . toujours de la place. très bonne cuisine.

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